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Academy Mission Statement

Understanding the needs of our users is part of our legacy at Permobil and right from the beginning, our founder Dr. Per UddΓ©n built on his own medical knowledge to find solutions to the challenges of our users.
Today, Permobil Academy continues the quest for further knowledge by sharing best practices, the latest research and the insights of Key Opinion Leaders within our industry.
In the modern rehab profession, MDR compliance is becoming a way of life and the need to keep professional competence at the highest level is increasingly important.
Our mission is to provide an effective centre of learning for the modern, compliant rehab profession.

Who is the Academy for?

  1. For clinicians who wish to further educate themselves with the newest insights from the industry and stay up to date with clinical research.
  2. For assistive technology providers in need of basic clinical knowledge about wheelchair users and their needs.
  3. For technicians and service personnel who must be MDR compliant.

What can I learn at Permobil Academy?

  1. Functional and clinical application of our products to optimize outcomes for your clients.
  2. Product training for Power Wheelchairs, Seating and Positioning products, Manual Wheelchairs and Power Assist.
  3. Evidence-based practice to empower you to find solutions for your client.
  4. Technical training to help optimize service quality and cost-effectivity in your company.

β€œWhat’s in it for me?”

Effective use of your time: Reduce the amount of time and resources when seeking information in many different places. The Permobil Academy is your source.
Flexibility: Permobil Academy offers you the possibility to learn whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you, at your own pace. You can start, pause, resume and repeat each course as you like.
Interaction with your peers: Permobil Academy is a platform for interaction with KOLs and thought leaders.
New solutions: Permobil Academy facilitates evidence-based practice and empowers you to do more for your clients.

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